What’s New on the Fanciful World of Nutz4Beauty

I am doing my very best to provide the best content possible on all my social networking venues. In an effort to promote this blog, thus getting more helpful information for you, I’ve hooked up with Bloglovin’. You can now Follow my blog with Bloglovin.

I have always been a believer in STRUCTURE. I know that I set out a posting plan for this channel late last year. That schedule was way beyond what I was capable of accomplishing during that time. My family was still in transitional housing, searching for a rental home; and I had just discovered that I was suffering from several forms of psoriasis (my body likes to do things on overload, lol), covering almost 80% of my body. I couldn’t think straight enough to keep up that schedule, or to even remember to blog for my personal channel. BUT, I’m doing pretty good now, so here we go:

Makeup Mondays
Tag Tuesdays
Wild for Nail Art Wednesdays
Inspirational Thursdays and
Friday Fabulously Natural Hair

Of course, there will be mini posts, anytime I come across a great deals and/or information that I think you all should know about. As a bonus, each of the main blog posts will be featured as a brief on my YouTube channel.

So with that, I look forward to this Monday, when we will begin our journey into THE FANCIFUL WORLD OF NUTZ4BEAUTY!!