Nutz4Nails Wednesday: Favorite YouTube Nail Mavens

Hello Beauty Nutz,

Today is Nutz4Nails Wednesday (still playing around with the names) and just like I did with my first post for Makeup Mondays, I wanted to start today shouting out some of my favorite nail divas on YouTube. They have inspired me to want to take care of my own nails after 20+ years of bi-weekly visits to the nail shop for fill-ins. While I was on hiatus, I have been in the process of purchasing all the equipment and products necessary to take over care of my nails. I am currently wearing gel overlay on my natural nails. Due to the many medications that I take for my long list of ailments, I have never been able to maintain nail growth without the assistance of the overlay (it might be hereditary, cause my mom’s nails were like that too).

So we’ll start out with a bubbly personality that gives me SO many ideas on how to care for my nails, in addition to wonderful ideas on nail art. I’m talking about none other than DearNatural62. I find her watermarble videos fun to watch and to add to the list of things I want to try. One of my favorite videos is this one:

The first nail art maven that I subscribed to I found through others talking about her nail art on Twitter. I visited her page and was completely taken over with her love for all things nail polish. I have continued to watch her videos and enjoy watching her as she enters new chapters in her life, taking us along with her. Of course, I’m speaking of Andrea Jo from Simply the most genuine, humble young lady, she is very talented. And while she isn’t making nail videos at the moment, I still find myself looking forward to her update videos and going through her old nail videos for inspirations. Here’s one from the archives that I really enjoyed:

Well, there you have it!! Another post uploaded on time (give a girl some credit, lol) and on topic. I am planning to do a haul of nail care and nail art products that I have recently purchased on Amazon (still awaiting sllllllooooowwwww delivery) coming up on my YouTube channel. If you haven’t already, sign up to the right to be notified when new posts are distributed (remember, I also send out bargain notices frequently) and visit and subscribe to my YouTube and Facebook page.

Thanks for the love,

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